Co-Curricular Activities

The College provides myriads of opportunities to the students to discover and develop their creative and latent talents along with their academics.  Various activities are organized with this objective under the guidance of competent teachers and also with the co-operation and leadership of the College Association.

Club activities :

The Principal shall be the ex-officio president of all associations.  She shall have power to nominate faculty members to act as Vice – Presidents under whose guidance the association will function.  The office bearers of the associations shall be the elected members from among the students.  For effective implementation of the decisions taken by each association, the student community shall be grouped into four houses and captains and Vice-Captains elected from among each group shall act as leader of the group.

Arts & Sports Club :

To develop the histrionic talents, Arts Club organizes various programs.

Oppurtunities are given to the students for participating in Arts Festival Competitions.

To develop physical and mental health of students, training is given in Sports, and games, Yoga, meditation, mass drill etc. Opportunities are available for students to participate in Inter colligiate Athletic meet.

Mathematics Club :

Students who have aptitude and interests in Mathematics form the Mathematics Club. National Maths day is celebrated with various programmes. Maths puzzle competition every first day of the week, Number games etc are conducted by the Club.

Science Club :

Students who have aptitude and interests in science form the Science Club.  The club will arrange field visits, discussions, seminars, workshops, quiz programs, etc., to develop the scientific attitude of the students.

Nature Club :

Students who have ecofriendly aptitude and interests in conservation of nature form the Nature Club. Various surveys, rally and awareness programmes are conducted on days of importance. Maintains eco friendly atmosphere in the campus. Blood donor’s forum is maintained by the club.

Social Science :

Club Students who have aptitude and interests in Social science form the Social Science Club. Guest classes, workshops, competitions in Quiz, Elocution, Essay writing and programmes for preservation of our culture is organized by the club.

Literary Club :

Students who have aptitude and interests in science form the Science Club.The college provides immense opportunities for the students to discover and develop their creative and latent talents along with their academic pursuit.  Various activities are organized with this aim under the guidance of competent teachers.  The activities are organized with the co-operation and under the leadership of the college Association.

The College Union :

Students elect the College Union Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, General Secretary, Student Editor, General Captain and UUC.


Everyday morning about half-an-hour is spent for assembly.  Each groups of students are assigned to organize the assembly, including the following or related programmes.

Prayer song, Reading from Holy Bible, College prayer, Pledge, Thought for the day, News digest and Mass drill (twice weekly).

Condensed Course on English Language Teaching

It is a customary practice in the school of Kerala to entrust the teaching of English Language with all subject teachers.  But very few Teacher Education students are getting specialized in English Language Teaching.  To equip our students with the development of general ability and to attain the minimum level skills in English language teaching, we pioneer to organize a course on English Language Teaching including an intensive one or two days condensed Course, utilizing the available expert human potentials and resources optimum.

Value Education

Competent and Experienced persons in the field of value education deliver lectures, share experiences and give insights on the role of the teacher in providing value education. Certificates are issued on successful completion of the course.

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